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The basic principle under which our company operates is “QUALITY PRODUCT = SATISFIED CUSTOMER “. Each product is manufactured in high quality, which includes quality materials, which we buy from world-renowned material suppliers.

We have a number of certificates and test reports that prove our quality.

Our products are suitable for use in a number of industries, from the construction industry to the food industry. For the food industry, food-friendly materials are used and the production process is adjusted to prevent any product contamination. Every year, samples of our products are submitted to the School of Public Health Dr. Andrija Štampar to preserve the quality of our products.

The foundation of our company is environmental protection and waste prevention. We keep up with worlds leading companies and comply with international standards, comply with regulations, efficient waste management, use recycled materials in our production, and all bad products are milled in mills in company premises and reused to minimize waste disposal. We also buy recycled materials from other companies, which we process in our production and so we are constantly in the care of the environment.

All the waste generated in the company is separated with particular aim of preserving the environment. With each waste, attention is paid to the type of material to properly sort it. The certificate of avoidance and reduction of waste is a system of keeping the environmental care policy according to the ISO 14001 certificate.