Plastic. Made in Croatia.

About us

Preplam is a family business company, where the management, working hand in hand with employees, creates a story of growth and development in the field of plastic injection moulding.

Since the company was established in 1959, we have been committed to tradition – in Jakovlje, Croatia, where our head office and production plant are located – creating a story based on expertise and wealth of experience.

Added value

Our added value is the result of sustainable development, investments in state-of-the-art technology, development and innovation, pursuing the highest standards of quality, looking towards a green future and caring for our employees.

In the company, we pay special attention to digital processes, which, through the optimisation of internal processes, allow us to reduce the stress on employees and to reallocate our workforce to more creative and efficient jobs, traceability of processes and products and the reduction of errors, resulting in increased competitiveness – both at the product and service level. Last but not least, technologically advanced and digitally supported processes ensure our customers can enjoy a fast and flawless service and smooth processing of orders. 

Looking toward the future

Because everything we do today is an investment for the future, we regularly upgrade our production capacities, refine the design of our products and direct innovative development towards creating a green future.
All our plastic products are up to 100% recyclable. And because protecting the environment is our priority, we make sure in our supply chain that part of our input materials are of recycled origin.

Development is a journey, not the final destination

Continuous development is the key to success, stability and growth. That is why we always strive for new, varied and diverse goals.
The goal of remaining the leading manufacturer of plastic packaging in Croatia complements the goal of expanding our product range to new markets and new customers – with the latter, we will not only preserve the current jobs of our 50 employees in the company, but also create new jobs with added value.
We also achieve the latter by constantly pursuing the goal of technological progress, carrying out research and development activities, and striving to make the processes in the company as lean as possible.

Clients that trust us